Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Little Word

I love Ali Edwards' concept of One Little Word. Over the New Year's weekend, I spent some time contemplating what my word would be for 2011. My word is cultivate.

cul.ti.vate, v.
-to plant seeds and take care of the growing plants
-improve; develop
-give time, thought, and effort to
-to seek better acquaintance with

I'm so excited to reflect on this word and apply it to so many areas of my life...my faith. my marriage. friendships. exercise. organization. creativity.
Definitely looking forward to this One Little Word journey...

What is your word for 2011? If you haven't decided on one yet, check out this super cool Wordle word cloud on Ali's blog, along with the list of words from her readers...one of those little words just might reach out & grab ya!



  1. Love your word. Mine is LISTEN.

  2. love your word friend!!!
    mine is purposeful (had to make sure! hahahahahahahaha!)