Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In the Garden...

Hi friends!
With it warming up a bit here in the Pacific Northwest, my garden is starting to realize that it is actually summertime! We've been blessed with some sunshine this past week so my sweet peas are finally starting to climb (hopefully it's not too late to get blooms?) and two of my Dahlias have decided to bloom...

This darling Borage is popping up in random spots around the garden. Did you know that it is edible and looks beautiful floating in an icy drink or decorating the top of simple salad?

I am loving wandering around the yard, watching the fuzzy, ambitious bumble bees in their drunken stupors and discovering Mother Nature's amazing textures and fabulous color inspiration. Oh how I love summertime in the garden!

I'm waiting for it to brighten up just a bit more outside today so I can get some decent photos of new projects I have to share with hands have been busy!

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  1. Ah, such beautiful flowers!! I just love that big red bloom!