Monday, August 30, 2010

Sheet Music Wreath

I've been loving the various wreaths that I've been seeing made out of old sheet music or books and a while back I purchased a whole bundle of sheet music & old piano books on eBay. The box must have weighed 20 pounds, at least!

I finally purchased a 12" styrofoam wreath form, pulled out my glue gun, and just one hot glue blistered finger later...

It turned out much fuller than some of the other wreaths I've been seeing, but it has grown on me!

One of my favorite things about this are the pencil marks on so many of the pages...dates and notes about sections to practice. One note reads 'each descending arpeggio 10 times daily and slowly' - written in this lovely cursive writing. The word 'slowly' being underlined twice. Reminds me of my piano lesson days & my sweet teacher, Mrs. Paulsrude.


  1. This is so cool! I love it...especially made out of the old sheet music!

  2. That's so fun! I had a friend of a friend make me one earlier this year & I love it still. She made another out of vintage dictionary paper & that one looks really cool. Now to just find a fun vintage "diamond" brooch to add a little sparkle, & mine will be done!

  3. There's something really wonderful about old sheet music and music books. I love doing book page paper crafts and have used some old cornet band books I bought at a library sale. Even just the titles of some of the pieces work well in a paper collage.

  4. i think it looks great! mine turned out fluffy too! and i love that you used old sheet music!