Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What makes you happy?

Have you ever created a layout that documented your favorite things - any old thing that makes you so very happy at this point in time? Here's one of my recent layouts that does just that...
This layout documents 10 things that I love. Right now. Very random things. Happy stuff.

It was such fun to make this page...and I encourage you to give it a go! Afterall, how often do you create a page that is purely dedicated to yourself - your likes/dislikes or how you're feeling at a specific moment? I read that Amy Tangerine creates a monthly 'Love List' layout. Love that idea! I'm going to make a point of doing this every so often.  


  1. I really dont do enough layouts about me. Your is just fantastic! Love the stitching, epsecially the name tag-genius! :)

  2. what a fabulous lo, i love it!! great photo of you, wonderful design, i love your list and title!!

  3. I love this idea! I try to do a layout like this at least once a year...it's so fun to look back at them and see how your tastes change. Super cute layout!! :)