Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Day Behind

Yesterday I woke up thinking it was Wednesday...which I blamed on the tea towel hanging from the dishwasher handle that said 'Mend on Wednesday'. But here's a confession...we often use the 'wrong' day of the week tea towel in this house. {Gasp} I very NOT Martha. Anyway, because it's often the norm to have the wrong towel in use, I really shouldn't have taken it so literally. Afterall, if it's in the clean laundry pile, then it'll do the job! Same goes with those silly day of the week undies! Could never get those right either! NOW you're saying...'Why is this girl rambling on like this about silly day of the week linens & undergarments? Please just get to the point!' It's because I forgot to tell you about Tutorial Tuesday over at the Hip 2B Square blog!! 
Every Tuesday on the blog, one of the Design Team members will feature a tutorial that includes step by step instructions and photos focusing on a tool, technique or product. Last week Tricia shared a tutorial on distressing & sanding to create some fun Halloween home decor and the week before Deana shared a tutorial on how to make a super cute ribbon flower embellishment. Yesterday, which was indeed Tuesday, was my feature on paper pleating. 
Here's a Halloween card that I made using the technique...
Take a minute to go check out Tutorial Tuesday here and let me know what you think!
(And I promise to never ramble on about tea towels or undies on this blog EVER again.)

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