Monday, October 11, 2010

How cool would it be... be an honorary design team member for Cosmo Cricket in November?!?!! Did you see this post on their blog today? Oh my goodness! Besides the fact that I am drooling over the sneak peek of their new Circa 1934 product heart went pitter patter at the thought of joining their design team, even if for one brief month! So...if you haven't nominated yourself or received bribes from fellow Cosmo Cricket lovers yet, here's my plea to you. Please, please, please go and leave a nomination for little 'ole me in the comment section of this post. Not sure how I could ever thank you enough if I was lucky enough to get picked, but I bet I could think of something! :) And when you're leaving a nomination in the comments, don't forget to tell them what you think of their sneak peak...'cause you could be a winner of some product from the line! Fun!!

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