Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting Paint Under My Nails

For a long time I've been wanting to create on canvas. Totally inspired by talented artists like Kelly Rae Roberts, Pam Garrison and the fabulous Christy Tomlinson. I even saw Claudine Hellmuth in the Ranger booth at CHA! Here are a couple of her fun canvas projects that were showcased there and a smattering of other wonderful canvas pieces that I spotted at CHA...

From the Girls Paperie Booth
Another one from the Girls Paperie Booth
From Jenni Bowlin's Booth
Not sure what booth this was in, but it is super sweet!

I've been collecting canvas, beeswax, paints...and have quite a mixed media stash growing. Don't you think it's about time I do something with these supplies?!?

I do! So I took the leap and signed up for Christy's online class...

It has been an amazing class...and it's only week 2! Christy is so inspiring and full of fabulous tips, tricks and techniques. Here's what I have in progress...

The first canvas is 4x12 and I haven't decided what to do with that one yet. The girls are on 6x12 canvases. I'm still working on the backgrounds...playing with texture and adding layers of paint. It's so fun designing their outfits (I totally want a pair of striped rain boots just like the cute girl in the red dress has on)!
Can't wait to share the finished product! Until then, I'm off to get more paint under my nails...


  1. Oh how fun! Canvas would be fun to try. I love the girls. And striped rain boots would be pretty cute to have. :-)

  2. I am pouting that I know nothing about this workshop. Will click that link and learn more. I bought some canvases after Angie had the canvas challenge at CTS. I just need a little push to get to it...or you with me in my craft room. LOL! Your work in progress pics look so fun, Bethany!! Enjoy the process. :)

  3. Your canvases look terrific, Bethany! Cant wait to see them when they are done!

  4. Love your canvases. Had a question for you. Do you have an email address I could write to?