Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me

As I mentioned back in March, I had the pleasure of taking Christy Tomlinson's online She Art Workshop. That girl is amazing! I completely admire her - she's uber talented & oh so sweet! I am so grateful to have experienced her online class & learned soooo much. Creating on canvas is such fun...and a fabulous stress reliever!

The March Hip Kit included some of this Pink Paislee tissue paper...
(Oh how I love the fresh spring green color and those happy polka dots!)

The March Hip Kit also included this awesome Pink Paislee Daily Junque paper...

With these supplies, I was completely inspired to create this little canvas...

A Little Birdie Told Me...

be positive.
be true.
be grateful.
be organized.
be on time.
be proactive.
be resolved.
be yourself.
be amazing.
be kind.

I started with matte finish Mod Podge and a blank 6x6 canvas (not the 4x12 that's in these first two photos) and covered the canvas with the Pink Paislee tissue paper. The beauty of the tissue is that it can be smoothed out for a nice flat background on the canvas or you can create some texture by leaving a few wrinkles in the paper, here and there. Plus, I love that a bit of the texture of the canvas can still be seen through the tissue...

While the Mod Podge dried, I cut out elements from the fabulous Daily Junque paper...

...and then 'auditioned' them on the canvas until I figured out how I wanted it arranged.

I selected my acrylic paints...

...and simply squirted a bit of paint directly on my canvas.

Rather than using brushes, I took an old handy dandy Starbucks card and spread the paint around. You can easily scrape paint off or add more with the edge of the card. (I use this technique to add paint to layouts & cards too...since you can get a super thin, almost transparent, layer of paint on a project this way, without any brush strokes showing.)

I started with a cream color paint & then added a bit of blue.
Here you can see the texture that the paint created over the top of the tissue...

Plus a bit on the edges...

Once the paint was dry I used the Mod Podge to attach the paper elements, gave the entire canvas a coat of Mod Podge to seal it all and then glued on the twig after wrapping a bit of twine around it.

I do love how it turned out! So simple. So fun. Wouldn't that make a sweet gift?

Cheers to getting paint under your nails and Mod Podge in your hair!
Wishing you a creatively messy day my friends...


  1. Yes, would make an adorable gift! Love your list! Thank you for the tutorial - that green polka dot tissue is so fun! :)

  2. This is amazing Bethany!!! So much fun, I love the bird and the banner. And how you added the paint is cool. What a great project!